I'd love to help you if you need a character design, a quick sketch of something, a storyboard, an editorial illustration,

Motiongraphics, Films and Animaton: 
Moving pictures create attention. Making objects come to life through animation is what really thrills me. Surprise with smooth transitions, engaging characters, funny plots. That's what I do for a living since 2007.

I have a passion for letters. If you need a nice Logotype or have something to write in beautyful letters - let's do it!

Words and Ideas:
You have an idea in your mind, but no idea how to communicate it? I can help you develop a parable that tells your story in a way that's understood.

Who I am:
My Name is Marc Böttler. Currently I am working at Bär Tiger Wolf, art directing and animating commercials, explainer videos and image films. I take on some side projects occasionally.
Sharing the ups and downs of life with my partner and our three kids living a few kilometres south of Stuttgart, Germany.
I am the grandson of an inventor, an engineer, a printer and a painter –  the son of a typographer and a musician and in love with a photographer. I live to share the beauty of creation.
Thank you!
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